Kitchen textiles

Kitchen textiles

Ullakko brings the good old-time kitchen textiles and table setting products to this day. Starting point for our design work is to create practical and inventive products that can be manufactured in Finland using high quality, durable and ecological materials.


The base for Ullakko is Lapinjärvi, a small rural village in Southern Finland. There we have our shop, production and storage facilities. All our products are made in Finland and we know all who work for us by name. Export to Japan started 2008 and we have retailers in Germany and USA, as well.

Ullakko Hulda


Ullakko uses high quality linen-cotton and linen fabrics. Our own Hulda print is a linen-cotton blend and comes in six colors. Our checkered print is also a linen-cotton blend and there are four colors to choose from. Third fabric option is  100% linen. All our fabrics are manufactured in Europe.

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